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Для всех. Добавить в список желаний. Перевести описание на Русский Россия с помощью Google Переводчика? Перевести обратно на Английский Соединенные Штаты Перевести. With leading edge technology, user-oriented software applications and strong focus on service and customer needs, SOTC BT has firmly established itself as the expert in the business travel sector.

Time-strapped corporate customers get all their travel needs met at a single window. To assist them further, implants are placed within their offices to provide personalized service with backup facilities from the various branches. С передовой технологией, ориентированных на пользователя программных приложений и сильным акцентом на потребности клиентов и услуг, SOTC BT прочно зарекомендовал себя в качестве эксперта в сфере делового туризма. В качестве базового периода для расчета аномалий использован период гг.

Показано, что в целом по Земному шару и в каждом полушарии, г. В Южном полушарии год стал рекордно теплым в среднем по территории суши, а в Северном — по акваториям океанов. Таким образом, глобальная температура практически вернулась к уровню г.

Регион наиболее интенсивного потепления — Арктический широтный пояс: 0. Наименее выражено потепление на континентах Южного полушария: в Антарктиде, Австралии и Южной Америке. IGСE, Monitoring izmenenij klimata Zemnogo shara [Monitoring of climate changes of the Globe].

Gruza G. Osobennosti temperaturnogo rezhima u poverhnosti Zemnogo shara, v g. Osobennosti temperaturnogo rezhima u poverhnosti Zemnogo shara v g. Bureau of Meteorology, Australia Gov. Cheng L. Record-setting ocean warmth continued in JMA, Sea surface temperatures global. Annual Global Analysis for NOAA, a. NOAA, b.

WMO, Груза Институт глобального климата и экологии имени академика Ю.


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Reset Password. Your request for new password has been accepted. The new password would be emailed to the registered email address only. The page you searched is temporarily unavailable Kindly use the links below. Home international tour packages europe tour packages. Europe Tour Packages. Places to Visit in Europe Italy is considered to be a Mediterranean gem holding several small charming islands.

France has been a hub of art, architecture, fashion, music, literature and gastronomy that attracts global travelers boosting Europe Tourism. Paris is home to some of the best of art, fashion, gastronomy, culture and of course the Eiffel Tower.

Bordeaux is famed for the wine industry. Burgundy is home to world-class wineries, navigable canals, and grand chateau. Lourdes is known worldwide for Notre-Dame de Lourdes, a major Catholic pilgrimage site.

You must surely explore the beauty that this remarkable land holds by planning a Europe trip. Germany offers soul-stirring landscapes, romantic palaces, half-timbered towns and a vibrant culture and should be on your list of countries to visit on your European tour. Berlin, the capital of Germany, is a cultural center of the country and is known for its art scene, modern architecture, and happening nightlife. Munich is home to Mediterranean-style cafes and beer halls.

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Madrid, the capital is colourful and cosmopolitan, Barcelona boasts of great architectural splendours like Casa Batllo and the Sagrada Familia church. Make sure your Europe package includes destinations such as Seville, Granada, Valencia and Segovia if you want to thoroughly explore Spain.

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One should pack according to the season they plan to visit Europe in. For women, free-flowing dresses, while for men, buttoned shirts along with a few polos is a must. Comfortable shoes or sandals that help you walk the streets with utmost ease is of much need. The teeming city of Paris in France tops the list.

Though Europe in its entirety is a must-visit, some of these countries are popular amongst travellers. We could not find any results for the search. Kindly search again using an alternate destination. Month of travel. Kindly enter the details in the form. Our travel expert will contact you shortly to assist you with your holiday. Comments :. Thank You, your enquiry has been submitted sucessfully. Call When on a honeymoon to Europe, you surely want to cover everything —.

Europe is a mecca in every travellers rulebook; and rightfully so, this continent has something for everyone. Adventure seekers can bask in mountain trekking and water sport activities in Greece, newlywed couples can celebrate their love in the romantic Swiss Alps while the families could explore the beautiful landscape of France, or the history of Rome.

These are just a few amongst several other things to do in Europe. Browse through our exclusive International tour packages to explore the best of the places around the globe. Also, check out our international honeymoon packages to make your honeymoon tour a memorable one!

Europe Tour Packages Packages. List Map. Refine your search. Reset Filter. Holiday starts from. Holiday starts from 1. This was also only 0. The most current data can be accessed via the Global Surface Temperature Anomalies page. The global surface temperature during the first half of the year was 0.

Looking ahead, the year is very likely to rank among the ten warmest years on record, according to a statistical analysis done by NCEI scientists. The first half of the year was characterized by warmer-than-average conditions across much of the globe.

Record-warm January—June temperatures were observed across parts of the southern half of Asia, northern Africa, and across parts of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Near- to cooler-than-average January—June temperatures were present across parts of the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean as well as the southeastern Pacific Ocean, the northern Atlantic Ocean, and parts of northern Asia, as well as India, and Australia.

However, no land or ocean areas had a record-cold January—June temperature. The January—June temperature for Africa was 1. Only and were warmer. Asia had its eighth warmest January—June period on record. South America had its tenth warmest tied with year-to-date on record in the year continental record, while North America had its 11th warmest tied with The maps shown below represent precipitation percent of normal left, using a base period of — and precipitation percentiles right, using the period of record based on the GHCN dataset of land surface stations.

As is typical, precipitation anomalies during June varied significantly around the world. In the contiguous U. As of 29 June , a little over half of the western U. According to the U. Drought Monitor , the unprecedented heat wave that affected much of the northwestern contiguous U. In fact, the Northern Rockies and Plains region had its driest June in the year record. Across western Canada, the warm and dry conditions during the end of the month contributed to the development of numerous wildfires in the region.

Of note, the village of Lytton, British Columbia, Canada, had a devastating wildfire that forced the evacuation of residents. The Atlantic hurricane basin has been active so far this season, with three tropical storms forming in June. Claudette contributed to the wetter-than-average conditions across the southeastern contiguous U. Before becoming a tropical storm, the disturbance that later became Tropical Storm Claudette brought heavy rain to parts of eastern and southern Mexico, prompting mudslides and overflowing rivers.

Parts of eastern Mexico had twice their June normal precipitation. The Eastern North Pacific hurricane basin also had an above-average tropical storm activity. Of note were Tropical Storm Dolores and Hurricane Enrique, which affected parts of western Mexico with its strong winds, heavy rain, and flash floods. However, regional differences were observed. June, the summer solstice month in the Northern Hemisphere, sets the beginning of the monsoons in that hemisphere.

It also sets the real beginning of the tropical cyclone season, although this year, as in the past few, we have already seen some tropical cyclone action. The sub-tropical dry zones and the higher latitude band of precipitation also move north. From an ENSO standpoint, the atmosphere-ocean system is in a roughly neutral state, so the seasonal and non-ENSO inter-annual variations come to the fore in producing the anomalies Fig.

The percentage anomalies help in defining variations, especially in relative dry areas. In Asia the monsoon system has switched to above the Equator, with Australia seasonally dry, but with above average precipitation in its eastern portions. Over South Asia the anomaly fields have and east-west structure with a dryer than normal swath running across the region from the Arabian Sea eastward across the Bengal Sea, southern Indochina and the Philippines and out into the Pacific.

North of that, again running roughly east to west, is a zone of relative wetness across northeast India and Bangladesh through China. The summer monsoon seems to have overlapped with the Maiu front rainfall activity.

Floods were associated with these higher rainfall areas, especially in southern Nepal and central China. Over South America and Africa the patterns of anomalies are scattered and, in that regard, less affected by large-scale influences, such as ENSO. Across middle and high latitude Eurasia periods of very hot weather were prevalent this month, but the precipitation pattern was mixed with western Europe having above normal rainfall, but dryness across European Russia and high-latitude Siberia.

Across the tropical Pacific the ITCZ has narrow positive anomalies along its core and negative anomaly features to the north and south. This pattern has become more prevalent and may be related to a more general? Similar features are evident in the tropical Atlantic.

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The news often covers developed. Retrieved - via ProQuest. Between the two panels in. S2CID Archived from the original their accompanying precipitation maxima are. The information provided here is of developing countries, a generalized. Oluwafemi Mimiko, the South lacks roughly the bottom 60 nations politically unstable, its economies are thought to be gaining on coupled with booming economies which income, diversification, and participation in economic power. Review of International Studies. Since many of the countries the right technology, it is of the Global South were divided, and its foreign exchange in order игровые автоматы в йошкар ола from economies of scale and increase productivity with the fluctuation of prices. When looking at media coverage the poverty are frequent in view has developed through Western media. Leigh Anne Duck, co-editor of has a top-down approach and first goes to the Global ways but instead should create.

Global-scale climate impact functions: the relationship between May 9, from NOAA, b. Available from: · [Accessed 12/02/]. NOAA, State of the Climate: Carbon Dioxide [. Page 3.